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Papa Ham's Ultimate Bundle includes all nine of our products! No need to browse, buy the Ultimate Bundle and have Papa Ham's entire catalog shipped to your front door! The Ultimate Bundle is made up of:

Papa Ham's Gentlemen's Trio

  • Beard Oil
  • Moisturizing Beard Cream
  • Pomade

Papa Ham's Bliss Bundle

  • Body Bliss
  • Skin Bliss
  • Lip Bliss
  • Kid's Bliss

Stressless Tresses

Massage Candle



Papa Ham's Ultimate Bundle

SKU: 0020
  • Papa Ham’s Moisturizing Beard Cream is mixed by hand fresh out of Papa Ham’s kitchen. This cream is a natural beard softener that can not only stimulate hair growth, but ensures your beard is properly groomed.


    Papa Ham’s Beard Oil is the perfect complement to our Moisturizing Beard Cream, and recommended that you apply after the cream. Papa Ham's Beard Oil works for all hair types.


    Papa Ham’s Pomade provides moisture and hold for your hair without damaging your hair. Our pomade can be used for waves, dreads, afros, or to simply hold your hair whether male or female.


    Papa Ham’s Body Bliss is a favorite because of its multiple uses. This oil is comprised of our elegant oil blend perfect for moisturizing the skin and face.


    Papa Ham’s Skin Bliss is great for moisturizing your skin. It also helps to protect your skin’s natural oils, has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as providing relief for various skin conditions.


    Papa Ham’s Lip Bliss can help moisturize, protect from infections, speed the healing process, and leave your lips smooth and supple.


    Papa Ham’s Kid’s Bliss is great for bedtime. You can add a few drops to your child’s bath, also a great way to soothe any irritated skin, to help them wind down. You can mix a few drops with one cup of warm water in a spray bottle and spritz their pillow, sheets, and pajamas for a calming effect. Enjoy the calm before bed and sweet dreams with Papa Ham’s Kid's Bliss!


    Papa Ham’s Stressless Tresses works incredibly well for repairing damaged hair that's over processed, heat-damaged, or just naturally dry.


    Papa Ham’s Massage Candles are made of soy and our elegant oil blend. The warm melted wax and the scent of your choice, makes for a calming massage and a great mood setter with that special someone.

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